• History and Background

  •           Suansunandha is in the area of Dusit Palace. This land owned by His Majesty King Chulalongkorn or Rama 5 brought from former owner by His Royal Property and ordered Chao Phraya Yom Marat to plan and ditch to connect Dusit Palace to Vimanmek Palace because His Majesty King Chulalongkorn loved to travel privately “tree farms in urban area” to rest and relax like palace in Europe which His Majesty King Chulalongkorn went to visit for 2 times and His Majesty Chulalongkorn had the royal speaking to the Crow Prince (His Majesty King Vajiravudh or King Rama VI) that if the end of King Chulalongkorn came to an end, the royal residences for palace aristocrats would be built for residing. After passing away, in B.E. 2453 (1910), King Vajiravudh or King Rama VI built 37 royal residences within the red wall of Rajabhat Suansunandha University and Geographical Association Central Council of Thailand, B.E. 2555 (2012)
  •          When the regime of Thailand was changed from absolute monarchy to democracy as constitutional monarchy in B.E.2475 (1932), the palace aristocrats of King Chulalongkorn residing in Rajabhat Suansunandha University moved to residing in other place. Some royal residences were empty; therefore, the government allocated them to be an education institute, namely home economics school, Suansunandha  College School and the east area was allocated to be a part of Ministry of Interior; All were inside of the red wall.
  •          In B.E. 2480 (1937), the Suansundha College School was found, teaching apprentice level at year 1-3. Students were female border staying at dormitory and there were some students commuting back and forth. The school was promoted to Suansunandha Student College teaching both male and female teachers being scholarship students from their province until they were graduated, obtaining certificate of education achievement (Bachelor's Degree), obtaining severally important positions in Ministry of Education. The Suansunandha Studnet College received the reputation in producing quality teacher from the past.

          After that the Suansunandha Student College developed a curriculum to be the Bachelor of Education (Kor.Bor.), B.E. 2527 (1984) by amending the administration to be several faculty; a social study group to be the faculty of Huminities and Social Science having the chief of faculty to be a management. The faculty of Humanities and Social Science had several departments attached to this faculty for 5 departments. Teachers were a former social study group, namely geography, history, philosophy, religion, public administration and laws, society; as all teachers had to graduate from Master's Degree, but they still taught teacher students, major in social study. The Suansunandha College School was promoted to Rajabhat Suansunandha University from His Majesty the King, B.E. 2545 (2002).

         Rajabhat Suansunandha University changes the role from a teacher college to be a university having philosophy as wisdom, faithful virtue, social leading. Rajabhat Suansunandha University is managed as deperments as follows:

         1. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

         2. Faculty of Science and Technology

         3. Faculty of Industrial Technology

         4. Faculty of Arts

         5. Faculty of Management Science

         In the status as the Suansunandha Teacher College (B.E. 2519-2545)

         In the status as the Suansunandha Teacher College, the department of Geography was the one coordinating for producing undergraduate students Kor.Bor, major in social study together with other 4 departments attached to the faculty of Humanities and Social Science, namely geography, history, religious philosophy, public administration and laws and society.