Philosophy Vision Mission


           To produce undergraduate students in geography and geo-infomatics to be a person possessing knowledge and ability in geography and skills in geo-infomatics, including attitude and idea in order to respond to the needs of labor market and to be a person having virtue in working with creativity and training in order to improve themselves with consistence for the highest benefits to organization, community and nation.



          1.  To allow graduated students to have virtue, ethics and discipline and responsibility towards profession, honesty, sacrifice, to be a role model which is needed in organization and government agency, state enterprise and private agency.

         2.  To allow graduated students to possess knowledge in principle and theory in knowledge related to the field and understanding related to an advancement of technology related to the field.

         3.  To allow graduated students to be able to search for the fact of problems and propose a guideline for solving the problems by applying theoretical knowledge with practical experience to be able to use in occupation in agency or organization related with the field.

         4.  To allow graduated students to be able to express participatory behavior in group activities for solving problems in the group with creativity, either leaders or members of group and to be able to express leadership in problem-solving in several situation.

         5.  To allow graduated students to be able to choose or apply technique in relevant statistics and math with suitability in research and study, as well as, to be able to collect data, process data, translate and present by using suitable information technology and communicate with efficiency in both speaking and writing